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Lead Singers – Be Yourself!

As a lead vocalist, the biggest mistake that a singer can make is to change the way that they sing to try and sound like anyone other than themselves.   This post is not about warm up exercises, or vocal conditioning, or expanding your range, or anything other than the title because, until you...

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Writing Original Music

I have been a prolific songwriter going back to the mid-1970s and I have enjoyed some success selling some of my songs over the years.   I have been asked from time to time what is the secret to writing a good song.  All songwriters know that forced writing is usually just an exercise in...

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Welcome To Our Friends & Fans Blog

Hi everyone, welcome to our friends & fans page.   We welcome your posts and comments to our blog.   We would love to have you post some of your original music here as well.  Be sure that you properly tag your music to protect your intellectual property rights. There are no hard rules here,...

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Meet The Band

Meet The Band

Meet The Current Members of MSB.   Frank is pictured left top; he plays keyboards with MSB and has been with the band for several years; Tracy is top right and she is one of two great harmony singers in the band, Becky is pictured lower left and she also sings harmony with MSB.  Rebecca, standing...

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